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360 videobooth

This exciting, trendy VideoBooth will keep your guests entertained with a high quality selfie-video experience where they can have centre stage and the video sent immediately to their phones.  Ideal for special events and companies that want to be remembered. Making any function fun.  

Who should rent this?

Anyone who wants their guests or clients entertained. From weddings, parties and matric dances to year-end functions and corporate events.

Why would corporate companies be interested in renting this?

Nobody wants a boring event and this will keep your guests entertained and happy. Additional to this, we also have the personalized branding option so the company’s logo will be on the stage for all to see. We can even include your logo and contact details on all the videos going out so everybody taking part will receive their video with your company, contact details. People also get excited about this so they share their videos with friends, family and social media. Expanding your name to all. You are also welcome to add any banners, backgrounds of your company or event for more exposure purposes. If you don’t have, we work with a signage company ready to help you with that aswell.….

What regions do we cater to?

Mainly Pretoria and Johannesburg but we can also assist you in Cape region.

Why us?

  • We are using a locally engineered quality design with strong structure to take 3-4 adults.

  • Only using high-quality cameras, software and lighting to ensure that your images are crystal clear and of the highest quality.

  • We have a dedicated quality team of operators and technical assistance to make sure all goes well.

360 Pricing

All fees include setup, take down, person (operator) managing system at all times.

No travel fees for Pretoria. Jhb will be R450

  • 2 Hours: R4000

  • 3 Hours: R5000

  • 4 Hours: R6000

  • 5 Hours: R7000

  • 6 Hours: R8000

  • 8 Hours: R9800

      (Includes personalized branding)

You get...

·    The 360° Photastic VideoBooth for the hours rent

·    On-site operator

·    A personal message or logo

·    Instant video sharing 

·    Delivery, set up & take down

Want some extras?

·    Personalized branding on stage – R500

·    More branding options available like posters, banners, flags, pamphlets etc

How does it work?

  • Before getting on stage… you give your WhatsApp number to the on-site operator so the video can be sent to you immediately after done.

  • He/she will instruct you on what to do on the platform. The floor is yours!

  • While dancing and posing, the camera will rotate around you.

  • After the video is captured the slow-mo effects, images/wording, and music are all automatically added.

  • You are welcome to share your Photastic 360 video with your friends and social media.

What we need from you

  • ·    A space of 4x4m for the setup/display

  • ·    A power supply

  • ·    Venue access 1 hour before your booking for set up

  • ·    To secure your booking, 50% deposit is needed.  Full payment will be needed prior to event

  • ·   Wi-Fi

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